AQUASTRENGTH Total Body Workout

Aquastrength equipment and programs are great for delivering a total body workout without the harmful effects that come with land-based training.

The Aquastrength Total Body Workout targets your entire body including a dynamic warm up, upper, lower body, core exercises and a cardiovascular endurance component. By capitalizing on the waters three-dimensional resistive properties the Aquastrength Bells and Fins provide a comprehensive functional program that can challenge all abilities and fitness levels. The water is the great equalizer and puts you in control of your own workout, the harder you push, the harder the water will push back.

AQUASTRENGTH 360 Barbell Workout

The Aquastrength 360 Workout Program is designed to challenge and improve your overall fitness level.

It incorporates the Aquastrength Barbell and Lower Body Fins. It consists of a dynamic flexibility warm up followed by a strength & stability component which targets your total body with a focus on core stability especially rotary stability. Rotary stability is very important because we function primarily in rotary patterns in day to day and sport specific activities. The program finishes with exercises for coordination, agility, power and speed to really improve your higher level fitness. This program will really make you gain an appreciation for the Power of Water.

AQUASTRENGTH Cardio Burn Workout

Burn more calories with the Aquastrength Cardio-Burn program.

Lose weight while improving your overall mobility and fitness levels. Research shows you can lose as much weight in the water as on land. The more you weigh the more weight you burn with water exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, a 240 pound person burns 600 calories per hour during water exercise while a 200 pound person burns 500 calories. By combining both upper and lower body movements with the Aquastrength Bells and Fins you will build strength and burn more calories. Let us help you on your road to successful and maintainable weight loss.