Aquastrength Testimonials

Aquastrength has already helped transform the physical & mental wellbeing of many clients, all with different goals. Here are just a few of the many great success stories our customers have shared with us.

Off season is a vital part of ski racing. You need to balance your strength and flexibility and come into each season 100% ready to compete. During my off season one of the many things I do is aquatic work. If you say working out in the pool is not difficult, you obviously haven’t tried it before. Incorporating the Aquastrength equipment definitely helps enhance my aquatic training workouts.

Jeremy E. Alpine Ski Racer

Rick, love the Bells and Fins. I am now exercising in the water 4-5 days per week for 45 minutes.

My weight went from 261 to 243 in just 3 weeks! I am hooked on the program and equipment.

Tony G.

Both my wife and I have been competitive dragon boat paddlers and gym enthusiast’s for many years. We were recently introduced to Aquastrength by a mutual friend.

The Aquastrength equipment was unique in its design and we were both keen to try the product in the water. After a very short time in the pool we realised that there were no limits to the varied exercises we could undertake using Aquastrength.

The weight and cardio sessions previously undertaken in the gym could be replicated in the pool. If we want to increase weight we just increase thrust or drag using Aquastrength. Having had total knee replacements within the last 12 months the Aquastrength has allowed me to complete a full weight and cardio workout in water without the discomfort of normal gym workouts.

Kevin & Vicki Kearney Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Nothing beats finding a work out that you look forward to! I can't believe how quickly time passes, and how effective the training feels.

After four sessions I could feel noticeable improvement in my leg tone and strength. Suffering from lower leg and feet problems, Aquastrength workouts have been perfect as it helps reduce the inflammation when in the cool pool and prevents further injury!

I am so pleased I have found a form of exercise that is relaxing, yet effective for muscle toning and weight loss all at once!

Harriet J. Teacher